Best Android Apps

Best Android apps from Google

  • Google Maps
    Search for local businesses, drive with turn-by-turn GPS navigation, or get transit directions. **
  • Gmail
    Get your email the instant it arrives via push. Search for any email saved in your account.
  • YouTube
    Browse videos or upload your own at DVD quality.
  • Latitude
    See your friends' locations on a map.
  • Buzz
    See buzz around you and tag posts with your location. Currently available only for phones with Android 2.0+.
  • Goggles
    Use pictures to search the web.
  • Google Voice
    Listen to voicemail, send free SMS, call internationally at low rates.
  • Google Talk
    Instantly message your friends and family.
  • Google Calendar
    Your Google Calendar is automatically synced to your phone.
  • Google Contacts
    Your Google Contacts are automatically synced to your phone.
  • Google Finance
    Get real-time quotes and news. Your portfolio syncs with your Google Finance account.
  • Google Shopper
    Shop smarter with Google Shopper on your Android Phone.
  • Google Earth
    Explore the world from the palm of your hand with Google Earth for Android.
  • Blogger
    Publish blog posts on the go with your Android phone.
  • Google Translate
    Translate text in more than 50 languages and speech in 15 languages.

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