How to Install Software to Blackberry Mobile?

Note: please make sure that your USB cable is connected to your Blackberry device throughout the entire installation process.
Blackberry software is distributed as a self-extracting .zip file to be downloaded on your desktop computer first. Right-click on the newly-downloaded file located on your desktop. Select extract to uncompressed the program files. Then, use the blackberry desktop manager application loader to synchronize the program files to your device.
The blackberry desktop manager can be found here:

Step-by-step instructions on windows pc:
  1. Start the blackberry desktop manager that was provided with your device.
  2. Choose the application loader icon.
  3. Click add and browse to the location of the program files (this is probably your desktop).
  4. Select the .alx file and click open.
  5. Choose next, then click on finish to initiate the loading process.
  6. Locate and launch the application on your blackberry device.
Note: if you encounter the error message "no additional applications designed for your handheld were found", please update your blackberry desktop manager software at the link above.
If you have a mac, please use pocketmac to install your software in the manner listed below:
pocketmac for blackberry 4.0 offers you the ability to install new software to your blackberry handheld.
If you have not already downloaded pocketmac for blackberry, please visit:

Download Pocketmac For Blackberry
To install software:
  1. To install new software, click the blackberry icon in pocketmac syncmanager.
  2. Then from the utilities menu of syncmanager, at the top of your screen, click install software to device.
  3. You'll then be prompted to locate the .alx file for the application you want to install. Pocketmac will prompt you to confirm that you want to install the selected software.
  4. When the installation is complete, pocketmac for blackberry will indicate that it has installed. Please note that your blackberry will reboot itself after the installation is complete, making it momentarily unavailable for synchronization or other uses. This is entirely normal and will only last a moment.
  5. Pocketmac for blackberry only installs handheld software in the .alx/.cod file formats. If the software you want to install isn't available in that format, please reply to this email and let us know. A progress bar will appear to indicate that the software is being installed.

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