How To Connect WiFi Via Blackberry

1.Click Icon Manage Connection.

2.Check/Click on Wi-Fi On.

3.Scroll Down And See “Set Up Wi-Fi Network”, Click Next.
4.And Now Click Scan for Networks. On This Step Blackberry Will Scan All of the Wi-Fi around You. Find The Wi-Fi That You Want It And Save If Needed.

5.If You Know The Ssid Network, You Can Manually Add Network. And Now Click The Blackberry Menu And Click Connect.

6.If You Ask For Password, Fill It. Usually In Free Wi-Fi Hotspot There’s No Password Needed.

7.The Next Step Is Fill The Name For The Wi-Fi Connection To Save On Wi-Fi Profile Or You Can Just Click To Connect. Click Next To Continue.

8.The Menu Will Be Back To Manage Connection. Check The Wi-Fi Options To Set The Up Address Is It Using Dhcp (On Blackberry It Will Say “Automatically Obtain IP Address And Dns”) Or Using Static Ip Address. If Using Dhcp You Can Browsing To Internet But You Must Change The Setting At The Browser On The Main Menu -> Options -> Advance Options -> Browser. Change The Default Browser Configuration With The Hotspot Browser. Good Luck to Surf on the Net!

9.But if it’s Need Manually Fill the IP Address. You Can Go To Wi-Fi Options, Highlight Wi-Fi Profile Which You Already Save Previously, Click The Blackberry Menu, Edit, Highlight The Text “Automatically Obtain Ip Address And Dns”, Click Blackberry Menu, Change Option, Fill The IP One By One (Default Is And Click Save. And Don’t Forget To Change The Browser By Follow The Step On Number 8. Happy Surfing on the Internet Using Blackberry!! But Do Not Forget Turn-Off The Wi-Fi To Save The Battery Lifetime.

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