Block Incoming SMS Temporarily

An SMS or short message service is a great way to keep in touch with people without spending on long phone conversations. Sending an SMS has become a popular trend among mobile phone users and most mobile phone carriers offer this service. Newer phone models are also equipped with this feature and have included a QWERTY keypad on new phone models to make typing messages and other notes easier. It is fun and easy way to exchange greetings and news but there will be times when you do not want to be bothered to receive, read and reply to SMS messages nor entertain advertising and marketing SMS. Here are some ways on how to block incoming SMS temporarily.
Marketing messages usually give you an option to stop the SMS from being sent to your mobile phone again. Reply to the message with the word STOP in capital letters. This will ensure that your mobile phone number is removed from their marketing list.

Some newer mobile phone models have special features that will allow you to block incoming SMS. Read the owner’s manual and check if your mobile phone is capable or equipped with this type of capability. Follow the instructions given and set up your phone to temporarily block incoming SMS.

Some mobile phone service carriers have special codes that you type to block incoming SMS. If this service is available from your network provide type the blocking code which is *35*0000*16#. Click Send to send the coded message to your network provider. They network provider will send you a message confirming the receipt of your request. You can undo this by pressing #35*0000*16# and sending this again to your network provider and wait for the confirmation from them to arrive.

Cancel The Blocking: #35*0000#
You can also call the customer service support of your network service provider and ask them to temporarily deactivate your SMS receiving function for a specified time. Check if this service option is free of charge or will they be charging you for this to be deactivated and reactivated so that there will be no surprises when your mobile phone bill arrives.

If you are not one of those mobile phone users who use the SMS service regularly and frequently, you may opt to have this removed from your service plan. Check with your carrier if that is possible. The mobile service plan normally includes the regular service plan options that include the SMS sending and receiving capability. It may lower your monthly mobile phone bill if this service is removed.
Sending and receiving SMS is a mobile phone function that is enjoyed by millions of mobile phone users as this allows them to get in touch instantly. It is very useful if you need to get in touch with someone but to not have enough time to call. But if you are in a situation where incoming SMS is a bother, then employ some of the tips that are listed her to temporarily block off incoming SMS on your mobile phone. If you usually receive SMS from relatives and friends it is better to just send them an SMS telling them not to send you an SMS for the time being.

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