Apple iPod Nano 6g Review

Yes, it is back. Apple is back with its iPod Nano series. This time it is Apple iPod Nano 6G, yes it is the 6th generation device by Apple.
Apple iPod Nano 6g features 1.5 inch color display screen with a picture resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. And coming to its size, it is almost 46% smaller than the 5G iPod Nano.
iPod Touch might have surely affected the sales of the older and conventional versions of iPod like Nano and Shuffle. And the fact that you can’t buy and install third party apps, for example, and there are far fewer applications, and no Wi-Fi, surely make it docile, but it is still loved by people.
So overlooking the capability of Apple iPod Nano 6G can prove to be fatal for its competitors. Here are the specifications of iPod Nano 6G:
  • 1.5 inch display screen
  • Picture resolution – 240 x 240 pixels
  • Powerful A4 processor
  • Two cameras
  • Features FaceTime, Apple’s mobile video chat service
  • Built-in 30-pin connector
  • FM Radio
  • Colors Available – Graphite, pink, blue, silver, green, gold and product Red version
Two versions of Apple iPod Nano 6G are available in the markets which are 8GB and 16GB. The 8GB device is for $149 and 16GB is for $179. This latest version of iPod Nano will not only live upto your expectations but would impress you to a very great extent.

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