How to Reset iPhone?

You have to know about iPhone that is a multi touch gadget and thanks to its eye catching design it is very spread among people. Thanks to Apple Company, you have the opportunity to use this phone for many reasons. You can write text messages, make phone calls and surf on the Internet from where you can download different programs and games. You will find a special program called App Store from where you can download the most recent appeared applications.

Because the phone’s screen is very sensitive, it is advisable to protect the display with different screen protectors that you can purchase directly from Apple’s store. In this article you will find the steps that you have to follow in order to reset an iPhone. This process is necessary in case that you have problems with your gadget. This method is considered the easiest in order to troubleshoot this issue. What happens when you reset your iPhone? Actually, all your opened applications are stopped and you will be directed to the iPhone’s home page. In order to reset your iPhone correctly you have to follow some basic steps.
Tip number one is to force the quit process. For this, you have to press with your finger the sleep button which is situated on your gadget’s top side. You will recognize it easily because it is a rectangular shaped key. You have to press the button until a slider bar will open on your device’s screen. Then you have to hold down the home button which is situated on your iPhone’s front side. You have to hold down your finger on the key until you see that the used application is closed. Another option to reset your iPhone is to use the sleep button. After appears a slide bar on your gadget’s screen you have to release the key. Then you have to move the slider to right in order to turn off your iPhone. It is advisable to wait around 10 seconds and then you can turn on your gadget. In case that this method is not working and you still have problems with your gadget, you have to try another option by holding down the sleep button and the home key at the same time.

You will have to press these buttons until you will see the Apple Logo on your device’s screen. You have to know that this process is considered longer than the other two methods. In case that none of these options it is not working, you have to return your iPhone to Apple manufacturer because the problem might be with the gadget’s software. In case that the error is with an internal component, you won’t be able to resolve it.

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