How to Connect Your iPod To Your PC

If you buy a new thing that you have been expecting for so long, you are so thrilled and excited and you can't wait to use it so you will feel very clumsy and like you don't know what to do with your hands. If you buy such a device like the iPod for the first time, you will not have the necessary experience to use it properly and you don't have the necessary patience to wait until after you have read the user's manual. So you call a friend to come and help you or try to figure out by yourself how things should be done.
So the first time I laid my hands on one I took it in my hands and pressed all the buttons to see what they do and how the device works. So far so good. The problem is that I did not know what to do next. I bet lots of people go through this experience when buying a new gadget. So the next step is to find out <strong>how to connect the iPod to the PC</strong>. Actually, this is very easy once you realize you need something else besides the computer and the iPod. That is the USB cable that normally must be delivered to you when you buy the iPod.
The iPod can't have direct access to the internet to download songs and stuff, but you must have a computer connection for this. The USB port of the computer can be found in different locations, for example at the back of your main unit, at its front, usually near the bottom or you can have some special keyboards that have USB ports for a better access. Another possibility might be to choose the purchase of an iPod dock that has one end ready to fit the USB port of your PC and the other looking like a docking station. The advantage of this dock is that your iPod will be supported while you download music or make the play list or something and it will also have a more comfortable vertical position. It is more elegant than a simple cable and you do not risk stepping on the cable or accidentally throw the iPod off the computer port.
Now that you know <strong>how to connect the iPod to the PC</strong>, you should also know that once the connection is made the iPod will be automatically recognized by your computer, but you will be able to access the iTunes only if you have the latest version of the iTune software installed on your iPod. You can use the CD with the software that was also given to you when you bought the device or you can check the Apple store for the latest version. Sometimes the iPod may have some problems being recognized and in this case just check the USB cable for a proper connection and also restart the device. Now tell me what do you use: a cable or a dock?

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