How to Use Gmail With Apple's Mail

Do you have a Gmail account? Do you know that Google's free email service works with Apple's Mail client? It does, and it's pretty nifty! Using Gmail with means that you won't have to use Google's website to send and receive email messages, and you won't have to look at those pesky text advertisements Google displays next to your messages.
Here's how to use Gmail with Apples Mail:
If you don't already have a Gmail account, you'll need to get one. It's free, and it only takes a couple minutes to sign up. Just head on over to and click the Sign up for Gmail link.
Click the + button in the bottom left-hand corner of the window. This tells Mail that you want to create a new account.
Enter the following information:
o        Account Type: POP is what we're going to be using.
o        Account Description: This is what we want to call our account.
o        Full Name: Your name as it will appear in the email messages you send.
o        Email Address: Your Gmail email address.
Enter the following information:
Incoming Mail Server: This is the POP server. For Gmail, we'll use
User Name: This is your (full) email address.
Password: The password you set when creating your account.

o        Outgoing Mail Server: This will be set to
o        Use Authentication: Make sure this checkbox is checked.
o        User Name: This is your (full) email address.
o        Password: The password you set when creating your account.

Click on Server Settings. Make sure everything looks correct, and make sure the server port is
set to 587, not 25. (If port 587 doesn't work, you can try 465.) When you're finished, click OK.
Select the Advanced tab. Make sure that Mail is set to Use SSL on Port 995.
That's it! Enjoy using Gmail with Apple's Mail!


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