Differences Between iPhone 4g And iPhone 5g

iPhone 5g
Apple iPhone™ 4 features iOS 4.2 operating system, 3.5 inch display, 5MP camera, and high speed 1GHz A4 processor. Apple iPhone™ 5 is supposed to feature more. The expected features of iPhone 5 are as follows: Wi-Fi thethering, mobile hotspot, iOS 5, A5 processor, 4 inch display, Bluetooth file/media transfer support. iPhone 4 was released in June 2010 and iPhone 5 is expected to be released in June 2011. Apart from the above mentioned features, iPhone 5 is expected to have 8MP camera, radio, other facilities for storage and it is expected that there will be competition for this product.

In the case of Apple iPhone™ 5g it is expected that there will be quite a few new facilities. It will be possible to unlock it from any network all over the world. It will have all functions working, including 3G Data network and GPS. The operating system is expected to be simple enough for anybody to use the product. Working under iTunes sync or Airplane modes will work flawlessly. It will also provide the reliable stable unlock for items like iPhone 3G. Problems with other smart phones such as signal loss will not happen in the case of iPhone 5. The usage will also be easily developed through the access of iPhone Applications.
In sort, it is expected to be the best touch mobile phone (or phone in general) available at the time of release.

When Apple iPhone™ 4g was introduced, it also had the best features and that included the using of the Apple browser. Surfing was very simple and that just involved tapping a bar – URL bar. For seeking a URL, there was no need to type either “www” or “com”. Only the main domain name was sufficient e.g. “downloadatoz”. At the same time, one could use only the Google engine and not Yahoo.
iPhone 4g
Thus one can see that both touch phones provide the latest facilities available in the world at the time of their release and, since Apple iPhone™ 5g is being released later than the Apple iPhone™ 4g, it will have better facilities. The question that pops out then as to whether all these facilities will be used by the end users. The answer to these questions can only be determined after the product has been released.

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