Exclusive Features of Apple iPhone 5g

iPhone 5g
5g Apple iPhone™ has promised some of the outstanding features to users of cell phones, also with a surprising price range. Speculation about the iPhone already turning 4g real quick as lightning, although the official date of launch of this product has not been announced by Apple itself. According to some rumors on the Internet and other sources, 4g iPhone is supposed to be on the market in mid-summer 2011. However, Apple also could come with the corrected and revised version of the 4th installment instead of a fifth new. Thus, the problem of antenna version 4 could be resolved.

According to some speculations raw, dramatic changes are expected in the iPhone 4g Operating System (IOS 5). These changes could also include the ability to support both 4g and 4g connectivity. According to some reports, a very fast processor, almost competing with a PC 1. 4 GHz is expected to be planted in the new 4g iPhone with a talk time over 16 hours.
Much more importantly, the new companies will be able to use other than AT & T. The amazing technology of face tracking and high resolution video is probably better than before, and video calls can be made in 3G or 4g network instead of Wi-Fi.
As the camera is concerned, almost certainly an amazing 8 mega pixel camera support from Sony will join 5g Apple iPhone™ to take some breathtaking photos and save memories on your cell phone. Therefore, you will not have to take a cyber-shot cell phone at the same time; instead you can take only phone that works both as your Cyber-shot and a new generation cell phone. The giant new 64gb memory ensures that you can take as many pictures, more videos as you like and store thousands of songs or movies there in the pocket with ease and forget about receiving messages memory full jumping in front of your eyes.
Invisible technology RFID is also speculated to be integrated into the phone. This technology can make some revolutionary changes in our lifestyle and therefore can be used instead of credit cards. If this technology is applied and executed perfectly, it would be a great achievement for the modern era of online shopping and make our lives more comfortable and easy for all of us.
As for the look of the phone is concerned, this phone will surprise you with its extremely thin model that is slimmer than the current model. It has unbreakable crystal display screen with a stunning black back cover.
GPS – Last but not least, a fully functional and integrated approach will also be available so that you never get lost anywhere anymore. This GPS system has a new technology along with it too.
In total, Apple iPhone™ 4g will be a dream come true and guess what? The price of this phone is not going to be very different from the current version.

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