iPhone 6g Rumors

One major thing that makes some techie’s brains’ jump right over the upcoming iPhone and start thinking about the iPhone 6 is talk of some space age LCD display. Yup, according to a Japan newspaper the iPhone 6 will boast one of the most advanced displays seen in a smartphone. They are calling this new technology “low-temperature polysilicon.” This will allow for a lighter, thinner device that uses less energy than phones of the past.

But wait There more Along with all that cool technology, the iPhone 6 could possibly be the first device we see incorporating a micro SIM card. Apple has been talking about a smaller SIM card since the start of 2011. The problem has been that moving to a smaller SIM card has not been a carrier standard. This may all change if Apple pushes for this in the iPhone 6, it will be fun finding out what kind of technology will come with a smaller SIM card.

If the rumors are true and we see the iPhone 6 released in springs 2012 it could easily be assumed the SIM card it comes with will be of a micro nature. The rumor stems from a n ETSI employee who leaked information about Apple asking for a smaller SIM card. ETSI currently makes the SIM cards for the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4.

What does this mean for the iPhone 5? Well, the iPhone 5 may be a flash in the pan, living in the shadow of greater technology. Or production for the iPhone 5 may be delayed, and the production of the iPhone 6 may be advanced, thus meeting in the middle and creating a Super iPhone!

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