Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Lock Keys and Touchscreen

Slide the lock switch on the side of the device to lock the keys and touchscreen to prevent any unwanted dialing, or to open the keyguard. When the touchscreen and keys are locked, the touchscreen is switched off and the keys are inactive.
The screen and keys may be locked automatically after a period of inactivity. To change settings for automatic screen and key locking:
  • Select Menu > Settings.
  • Select Phone > Phone mgmt. > Auto. keyguard.
  • Set for Keypad autolock period either None or User defined, where you can adjust the amount of minutes and seconds after which the keyguard is automatically set on.
  • When you have set the time, select OK.
Your device also has a proximity sensor, which disables the touchscreen automatically when you place the device next to your ear. This helps to prevent accidental selections.

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