StellarNet Fun Voice Mail v1.00 S60v2 Symbian OS7 Download

FunVoiceMail is an Intelligent Mobile Phone Manager that allows users to have full control of all incoming calls when they are not available to answer their mobile phones. It provides a wide range of greetings for users to greet their callers and a complete management of voice mails left. Running on the most popular Symbian phones, this Symbian Signed mobile application provides users with the peace of mind of an officially certified application

Users can create different profiles for different callers and FVM will then manage the callers as users have configured. For example, if the user cannot answer the phone, FVM can.

  • Accept or Reject all or certain calls from unwanted callers or a list of callers
  • Automatically send a customized SMS to callers
  • Play a Fun Greeting to entertain callers (fully customized for each of them).There are more than 50 greetings available for free
  • Play any MP3 file to any caller
  • Record and play a personal greeting for each caller
  • Allow or disallow callers from leaving a voice mail
  • Fully manage all the voice mails left by callers: users can listen to them unlimited times for an unlimited period of time and for free, send them to friends via Bluetooth or email, and store them either in the phone, memory card or PC
Compatible Devices:
Symbian OS 7
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