Back up Information in Phone Memory

We recommend that you back up all data and content in the phone memory (contacts, pictures, messages etc.) in order to avoid losing important data. Depending on the phone model, all data in the phone's internal memory may be erased during the software update process. Data on the phone's memory card will not be deleted.
Depending on your phone model and the type of data you want to back up, you can back up data in your phone's memory using a compatible computer or memory card. Depending on your phone model, you can also back up contact phone numbers on your phone's SIM card.
Instructions for backing up data on a memory card or SIM card vary from phone model to phone model. The best source of information on backing up data is your phone model's user guide.
To back up content in your phone using a compatible computer, use Nokia Ovi Suite. Nokia Ovi Suite is free computer software that allows you to store, edit and synchronise phone data. You can use it to back up the entire contents, or select what you want to back up. When backing up your phone contents, the content types available depend on the phone model that you are using. When restoring a backup file to the same phone model from which it was originally made or importing a backup file to another phone model, the content types available depend on what the backup file contains and which content types your phone model supports. To download the correct version of Ovi Suite for your phone model, visit

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