Troubleshooting-Firewall Prevents Internet Connection For Nokia

When running, Nokia Software Updater tries to access Nokia's Firmware Repository server during various phases of the update process:
  • When Nokia Software Updater is started.
  • When detecting and identifying a phone connected to the computer.
  • When searching for Nokia Software Updater update or phone software updates.
  • When updating the phone software.
  • When updating the Nokia Software Updater.
  • When updating the phone software has ended.
Many computers have firewall programs which are used to protect the computer by monitoring and filtering the information going through the network connection. In some cases, the firewall may prevent other applications from accessing the Internet. If a program is being blocked by the firewall, you may receive a firewall security alert.

Usually, the security alert asks what you want to do with the blocked program:
  • Unblock the program
  • Unblock it once only or
  • Keep blocking the program.
In the case of Nokia Software Updater and NSU3 Agent (Automatic update check), you should tell the firewall application to unblock it.
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