Troubleshooting-Updating The Phone Software Fails

The phone software update process can be interrupted for various reasons:
  • Downloading the update package from Nokia's Firmware Repository server fails.
  • Installing the new software on the phone fails.
  • The phone battery runs out of power.
  • The phone is disconnected from the computer.
  • The computer is shut down for some reason or the laptop computer's battery runs out of power.
If downloading the phone software update package from Nokia's Firmware Repository server is interrupted, an alert message will be displayed. To rectify this problem, try the following:
  • Check your network connection.
  • If the network connection seems to be working and you can access the Internet, try the update again. If downloading the update still does not work, there may be network problems or Nokia's Firmware Repository server may be temporarily unavailable.
  • In some cases the computer's firewall program may prevent other applications from gaining access to the Internet. See Troubleshooting: Firewall prevents Internet connection.
If installing the new software on the phone fails, there might be several possible reasons. The most common are the following:
  • No SIM card inserted – please insert a SIM card and continue.
  • Device in “Offline” mode – please select General profile by briefly pressing the phone's power button and continue.
Phone recovery
When a phone software update is interrupted, the phone will probably malfunction or fail to start. In some cases, an interrupted installation can be finished by restarting the phone software update. Always keep the battery in your phone with a charger attached unless told otherwise by Nokia Software Updater wizard. It is also strongly recommended to restart the phone software update immediately after the initial failure in order not to lose essential information about the phone being recovered.

If the phone malfunctions after a successful software update, you should reinstall the update. In such a case, start the update process from the beginning.
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