Assault Team 3D 1.0 | Nokia E71 Game Software

 ASSAULT TEAM 3D 1.0 This app is one of the most advanced 3d FPS games developed for mobile devices.

Description of ASSAULT TEAM 3D 1.0:

American occupation of Iraq reaches the capital city. Baghdad returns to a lake of blood. The great conflict between the American and Iraqian armies begins in the city center. Teams off each side, are based in certain quarters and they attack the military forces of the other side. Intelligence units are trying to determine the location of the enemy troops and report it back to the military units, the armed troops are doing operations against the enemy units to destroy them.

The war continues with all its cruelty:

Assault Team 3D is one of the most advanced 3d FPS (First Person Shooter) games developed for mobile devices. A real war ambience with detailed textures, animated sprites and sound effects. Instead of standard Mobile 3d API (JSR-184), we used our own GS3D® engine to obtain a large device compatibility list.
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