How can unlock phone so use another network service provider SIM card?

How Do This:
Network service providers use SIM locks to restrict phone use to specific countries and network service providers. The obligation to use the phone only in predetermined networks is included in the contract between you and your network service provider when you buy the phone. Nokia cannot dissolve this agreement.
To enter the SIM subsidy unlock code follow these steps:
Stop if you receive an error message while performing the instructions below. Your phone locks permanently if you type in the incorrect code multiple times.
  1. Confirm the IMEI (15-digit serial number), open the dialer and enter code *#06#.
  2. Request the unlock code; contact your network service provider.
  3. Switch on the phone with a SIM card from a different network service provider. If asked, type in your SIM card PIN code. The phone shows a screen to type in the unlock code.
  4. Type in the unlock code. If successful, Phone is unlocked is shown.

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