How I Find my Nokia Device if it is lost or stolen?

How do this:
Contact your operator immediately:
  1. To block your SIM card.
  2. To block your Nokia device (HW, IMEI code) to prevent it being used in the operator networks with any other SIM cards.  Note that not all operators provide this service (blocking device).
Note: Nokia customer support doesn't have the possibility to block the SIM card or the device, or track a stolen device.
To minimize the risks caused by the theft or loss of the device, there are some security features which you can enable in your device:
  1. If your Nokia device supports phone autolock or security keyguard and you have turned it on, the phone cannot be accessed without entering a correct lock code. When enabling the autolock feature, it is important that you change the default lock or security code (12345) to your own lock code and don't forget this code.
  2. Some Nokia devices support also remote locking. If you have enabled this feature, you can send a pre-defined text message to your device and lock it remotely. The device is locked if it is switched on and has your SIM card in it.
Note that the phone auto locking and remote locking cannot be enabled after the device has been lost, so it is important that you enable these security features already when taking the device in use.

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