Security code Troubleshooting for Nokia Mobile

What is the lock code or security code of my Nokia phone?
  1. If you have forgotten or you have lost the lock code or security code, try first the default lock code 12345. If it is not accepted, contact the nearest Nokia Care point to unlock your device.
I have forgotten my security code
  1. Try the default security code 12345. If it is not accepted, your phone needs repair. See the repair options for further assistance.
  2. If you reset your phone, the code is set to undefined, or reset to 12345. To set the code again or change the code, select Menu > Settings > Security > Access codes > Create security code or Change security code.

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  1. Nice information. Even, i had a problem once with my Nokia1110 mobile security code i tried the default code 0000 and 1234 But it doesn't work. Better i got Master reset code from the site for my phone at free of cost from


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