Samsung Smartphone turns itself off and stays off automatically!

Below mentioned are some of the reasons for Mobile turn off automatically as follows:

Check your applications:
Applications can cause weird issues on Android phones sometimes. Try and think back to when you first started noticing your phone powering off and uninstall any applications that you might have downloaded, or updated, around that time. Try your phone on Safe mode and see if it fixes it.

Battery check:
Tap on Battery Information, then check on the batteries health and make sure it says well. If it says poor or unknown error then power off the phone for some time and then power the phone back on. 
Android version:
An app on the phone might not be getting along with the new Operating System and that might be what’s causing the problem. Go through and remove unwanted apps and try restarting the phone, until there are no more apps that you personally downloaded on the device via some of the Sharing application. 

Battery Pull:
Before looking into performing a reset on the phone pull the battery out and make sure that it’s still in good shape. It most likely will be in good shape if the battery test that you ran said the battery health was good but you never know. 

Backup and Factory Data reset:
Perform a full backup by saving all the information that’s saved on your phone to your PC using KIES and then erasing everything on the phone by performing Factory Data Reset. It really does fix most phone issues.

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