Where Can I Check the Model Code।Serial Number।IMEI Code in Samsung Mobile?

One needs to know information about the Samsung phone as it helps during warranty issues and other important times. To see that important information, please remove the back cover and the battery. Beneath the battery you will find a sticker with the information:

1. Model Code
2. IMEI Number
3. Serial Number

Following representation is an example of the location for above information:
1). If your phone is Dual SIM, then it will display two IMEI numbers on screen.
2). One can dial *#06# on the mobile phone to get the IMEI number.

Related Model Information:
GT-I8552, GT-I8750, GT-I8910, GT-I9000, GT-I9001, GT-I9003, GT-I9023, GT-I9060, GT-I9070, GT-I9082, GT-I9100, GT-I9100G, GT-I9230, GT-I9260, GT-I9300, GT-I9500, GT-N7000, GT-N7100, GT-S5302, GT-S5360, GT-S5830I, GT-S6012, GT-S6102, GT-S6802, GT-S6812, GT-S7392, GT-S7562, GT-S7582, GT-S8500, SM-C101, SM-G7102, SM-G7105, SM-G900H, SM-N750, SM-N900, SM-N9005, SM-N900X,

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  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    There is some misleading information in above post, IMEI number is always unique and even for dual SIM phones, there will be a single IMEI as it is associated with device. See more information.


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